Disaster Recovery

Are you Prepared?

Learn how GSpeedCS can protect your network and data to be ready when disaster strikes.
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Total Support

For Your Tablets Smartphones Laptops & Desktops

We can Repair and Support all you personal technology needs. Our techs are trained and certified in a variety of different platforms and hardware, so you can be rest assured we are ready for any situation.
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in your Home or Office

The new latest and greatest devices and programs seem to come out almost everyday and its hard to keep up. Whether it be a program you need to learn for work or a new gadget you have no clue how to use. We can help !
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Remote Support

and support anytime, anywhere!

Our Support engineers can step in with your permission and remotely assist you with a majority of issues.
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GSpeedCS is great! I had a bug on my laptop that would make it turn off. GSpeedCS not only fixed my laptop but returned it back in 24 hours. – Anny Carino


The tech’s as GSpeedCS are very knowledgeable and friendly. I had a very pesky ad ware virus infect my laptop. The virus managed to root itself deep in the computer’s vital operating files. I took it to GSpeedCS and they readily isolated the files, deleted them and restored my machine to a state before the virus had affected it. They were extremely helpful when I dropped it off and when I picked it up, and the cost was very reasonable. I was very pleased to see that none of my personal files were disturbed either. GSpeedCS is great and I would definitely return to them with future computer issues! – Matt Csenge


Very impressed with GSpeedCS and would definitely use them again. Sean is great and incredibly knowledgeable, my husband and I are not very tech savvy and Sean explained everything in a way we would understand. It made us feel like we had our own personal IT department. Reasonable rates too. Run, don’t walk! – Carine Vinett


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